My main focus right now is definitely Star Citizen.
I have put further information about it just below.

Over the years I have also played many other games I've enjoyed such as Elite Dangerous or World Of Warships. Links are down below in case you wonder what I've been playing in the past.

Star Citizen is a pretty crazy game, kickstarted in 2012 and in development ever since.

It has been in developement from that time and as of May 2024 has raised 697 Million dollars.

The game has gone from a basic Space Fighter Combat Game to more of a full MMO sci-fi world simulator. There is also a huge single player campaign being made at the same time.

Though development stretches on what is already available to experience in the game is amazing and there is nothing like it. It is pushing the limit of what can be done.

I will make a dedicated page when I can to cover everything I need to about Star Citizen from guides to key bindings.

Previous Games

This is a list of some of the previous games I have enjoyed. Click the logo for a link if you want to have a look.

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